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Date Posted: August 27, 2016

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Experiences & Discounts via Location Based Services

Location based services offer a powerful way to deepen customer loyalty and also up-sell customers. Mobile location-based services (LBS) enable product owners to combine information about a customer's location -- using geolocation features on a mobile device -- with other data about the customer, such as demographic and preference information. This proves to be very useful in understanding the customer cycle and their preferences too!

With the help of this, the product owner understands his customer loyalty and choices that he prefers to grab while using the app. While mobile is maturing quickly, the challenge is to convert consumer interest into action.

For example, companies can use information about a customer's location -- combined with details about that person's purchasing history -- to send personalized offers to a smartphone when the customer walks into a store.

The biggest benefit of geolocation technology is the ability to deliver relevant offers on restaurants or food events in Pune, etc. at the right place and time. Below mentioned are a few points to consider while you utilize Geo Location services for your product:

Utilize the asked information:-

These days, almost everyone uses the search services like Google Maps, Yelp and Bing. While displaying or offering a deal ASK for details and don’t assume anything. Make sure your address, phone number, and website accessible, correct and up to date.

Content Matters:-

Keeping your social media pages updated about all the best deals on restaurantsand food events in Pune. YouTube is a great way to involve the local diners using fun videos that showcase your restaurant’s unique menus, location or history. It’s also an easy way to invite new customers to your dining experience.


Currently, Groupon is the most popular of social commerce sites and is gaining a large number of restaurants adopting this new form of electronic coupon marketing. Heavy usage can train customers to only come to your restaurant when there is a deal. Therefore with the help of providing offers and online restaurant deals in Puneproves to be a beneficial way to retain customers.

Rewarding the customer:-

This tip is the most common but overlooked upon. It acts very beneficial for customers to build in loyalty by offering rewards and benefits to them. For e.g.: Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide recently offered a loyalty point bonus of 250 points per checkin, adding to which they enjoy great deals on and off.

It’s time to think out of the box for great marketing. 

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