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Date Posted: February 18, 2017

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An organisation is only as brilliant as its employees. This talent needs to be nurtured and managed for it to align its goals with that of the organisation, for the benefit of all. Most organisations understand that, and yet many continue to deploy traditional methods of Workforce ManagementIn today’s work scenario, people analytics is a game changer, not just for individuals, but for large organisations too. Having a talented team isn’t enough anymore; keeping them motivated is crucial too. Typically, in any organisation, Talent Management means: Attract >> Hire >> Manage >> Develop

To tackle the first two, nearly everyone relies upon external data, such as work experience, resume, history, recommendations and also social profiles. The third and the fourth steps require internal data, data which is relevant and objective. And that is where most organisations invariably falter.

Performance data, which should be based on actual figures, tends to be subjective and unknowingly coloured by manager and peer perceptions. Being geographically scattered makes it even more challenging as there is no accurate understanding of individual efforts and contribution of each member of a team.

Sapience offers organisations facing this quandary its unique people analytics for Talent Management. An employee time management software, this automatically tracks and reports how employees are spending time at work. It deploys a work output tracking system that creates a dashboard of assignments being prioritised, all activities during the day, and a daily report of the progress of the project. This gives an organisation automated, accurate and highly granular visibility on employee engagement, organisation productivity and profitability at any given time.

This takes the guesswork out of the equation and HR managers can take an impartial and transparent approach to Talent Management. As an added advantage, this personal productivity tool also provides insightful data on the strengths and weaknesses of individuals and teams.

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