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  • People Analytics For Talent Management, Employee Time Management Software

    7 months ago

    An organisation is only as brilliant as its employees. This talent needs to be nurtured and managed for it to align its goals with that of the organisation, for the benefit of all. Most organisations understand that, and yet many continue to deploy traditional methods of Workforce Management. In today’s work scenario, people analytics is a game changer, not just for individuals, but ...

  • education coaching center

    7 months ago

    An online education portal for aspiring students across different arena,  offering comprehensive tutorial for CAT/MAT/Bank PO and other competitive exams.  Smart Edge, established as a dedicated coaching institute with emphasis on better quality of course material and more mock exams to create a habit to perform better,  each time.The team initially giving tutorials f...

  • Live Online Advanced American Accent with Coach Beejay

    8 months ago

    Showcase your Technical skills with great competencies in communications. Digital Transformation requires IT Skills and American Accent to showcase individual managerial & technical competencies. 100’s of Managers from all Major Companies like Microsoft, Infosys, Accenture, Cognizant, Franklin Templeton, CISSCO, HCL and scores of Start Ups and SME companies have achieved remarkabl...

  • Beejays Online Skype American Accent Training with Live Tutor

    8 months ago

    Today an IT professional needs good American Accent to converse and convince clients. Live one on One Personalised Online Learning Experience is a call away. Many a corporate as well as software professionals and global project managers in all fields, have accelerated their careers after attending the program.?? Get the Edge. Get Connected to Communicate well.    Register and ...

  • Beejays Personalized Online American Accent Training

    8 months ago

    Accent reduction is learning an accent. It is learning an American accent while obviously lessening the impact from your existing language usage style. It helps being better at your job while opening up new opportunities. Neutralization of sounds from Indian Environment.   According to the New York Times the way to Master American Accent for Communication Success for IT and Busines...

  • Effective Coaching Online for Beejays Accent Reduction Training

    8 months ago

    25 years Experience. American exposure. Sr. Indian Coach. Knows what fellow Indian Managers need to make Impact with Clients. Attending one free preview session will increase your understandability. Learn American English Live with Expert Tutor in One on One Personal Sessions. Expert Personalized Coaching as a Live Online Experience has become the only way to Master American Accent for Communic...

  • Triumph with Advanced American Accent Communication Skills

    8 months ago

    You need it to come up Trumps.  Become Triumphant. Showcase your Technical skills with great competencies in communications.  Learn with Int’l Coach with over 25 years Experience in US   and India. Digital Transformation requires IT Skills and American Accent to showcase individual managerial & technical competencies.      100’s o...

  • Bpo Management Services, Workforce Management Software, Best Personal Productivity Tools

    9 months ago

    People Analytics for BPO Management A BPO’s strength is its employees and their time. Managing the time of employees effectively has a direct correlation with profitability, higher Customer Satisfaction ratings and greater Employee Engagement. Unfortunately, most, if not all, BPOs rely on outdated technology to gather information on how employees spend their time at work. Swipe c...

  • Employee Management Software, Team Management Software, People Analytics For Employee Engagement

    11 months ago

    Sapience offerspeople analyticsto organisations looking to improve employee engagement. Employee Engagementis defined as the quality of the relationship between an organisation and its people. ‘Engaged’ employeesare in tune with the organisation’s goals and committed to their own well-being. On the other hand, a disengaged employee cites work as the biggest contributor to debi...

  • Bpo Management Services, Bpo Outsourcing Services, Bpo Service Management

    11 months ago

    If you manage or own a BPO, chances are you’ve come across the term BPO service management. Put in a simple way, it means effectively managing the time of your workforce for higher customer satisfaction and greater employee engagement. Till recently, BPOs relied upon outdated technology to gather information on how their employees spent their time. Methods like swipe cards and timesheets ...


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